Homework strategies from our child speech therapists

We all know achieving homework can be ridiculously hard on some days! In the midst of a busy family schedule, finding the time to sit down and get five, 10, or 15 minutes focused practice can seem impossible. When the stars align and you manage to find this time – often our kids can be unfocused, or uninterested. What to do? Here are some useful tips from our child speech therapists in Brisbane north.

1) Focus on ‘why’ you are doing your homework. Your therapist will have set a goal, which you are practising each week. Keep in mind how this goal will help your child in the future, and why it is so important to persevere. Keep the endgame in mind, to reduce frustration.

2) Find another way. You might not have to sit down, and “focus” to achieve this goal – can you incorporate it into your car ride, shower time, garden play, or in between other aspects of your daily routine? Try rehearsing sounds each time you walk in or out of the door. While this might only be one minute total each time, it is a high repetition exercise throughout the day.

3) Scaffold the task. Break down the activity into smaller chunks to make it more achievable, or provide modelling. Ask your child speech therapist to show you how.

4) Use positive reinforcement and specific feedback. Celebrate what your child is doing well and congratulate their achievement, even if it is not the target (e.g. “Wow you said the ‘st’ blend!”).

5) OT TIP – our OT is always telling us to move more. Don’t expect the children to sit still, walk around the room – move from table top to floor, work on your tummies side by side, or stick things to the wall to read. These adjustments can engage the core and reduce wiggling.

Above all – keep it short, keep it frequent, keep it successful and FUN!

If you need coaching, don’t be afraid to call us and ask – doing ‘therapy’ doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but we can always help you find your inner child speech therapist!