Child speech pathologist tips for your 12-month-old

Is my child late to talk?

Parents often wonder how early is too early to expect language to develop. Below are some general guidelines from our Brisbane north child speech pathologists about what to expect of your 12-month-old:

Your baby should:

  • recognise familiar sounds
  • understand simple one word commands
  • recognise familiar names, including their own
  • be using up to 50 single words for a variety of reasons (to request, comment, greet, reject)
  • enjoy interacting through songs, books, music and play.

The role of the parent

  • PLAY! Language is best learned through modelling and having fun
  • talk slowly, and at your child’s level, ‘add’ words to expand their utterances “ball, my ball!”
  • use a wide variety of words, don’t just label items or use flashcards
  • emphasise imitation, and wait for a response! Show your baby your are listening.

The role of your child speech pathologist

  • Assess suspected delays in language skills, starting as young as 18 months (if single words are not emerging, and/or commands not followed in play, or play is isolated).

Please contact Cooee Speech Pathology for more information or advice from our child speech pathologists.