Kaitlin Davey

Name: Kaitlin (Kaitie) DaveySpeech Pathologist
Where did you study? Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) at the University of Queensland

Why did you get into paediatric speech pathology?

I have always been passionate about supporting children to achieve their potential as communicators. Developing good communication skills can change a child’s whole life for the better so being able to help children and their families on that journey was a huge inspiration for me to join the field of Paediatric Speech Pathology.

Why do you love your job?

I love getting to meet all of the children that come to Cooee and supporting them to achieve their potential as amazing communicators. Being able to make a positive impact in the lives of these children and their families is incredibly rewarding!

Favourite toys to use in therapy?
Pop-up Pirate and the Fishing Game!

What extra training have you completed?

  • Hanen ‘It takes two to talk’ – An evidence based intervention for children who are late to talk
  • DIR Floortime   – Intervention providing early engagement with children who aren’t developing interpersonal skills early on.
  •  Voicecraft®  – a practical, step-by-step process for the restoration and optimisation of the voice in adults and children.