Stephanie Harris

Name: Stephanie Harris

Speech Pathologist

Where did you study?

University of Queensland. Bachelor of Speech Pathology Honours (BSpPath (Hons)).

Why did you get into paediatric speech pathology?

I really wanted to go into paediatric practice because I love working with kids and wanted to support families in helping their children reach their potential.

Why do you love your job?

Communication is a fundamental part of the human experience and it is really rewarding to support children to develop their communication skills and connect with their family, peers, and community.

Favourite toys to use in therapy?

I love using bubbles, blocks, and singing for early communicators, and turn taking games, such as The Humpty Dumpty Wall Game or Jumping Jack, for preschool and school-aged children.

What extra training have you attended?

  • DiR Floortime
  • PODD
  • PROMPT (Jan 2020)
  • Key Word Sign
  • Auslan One and Two
  • Optimising outcomes for children with phonological impairment
  • Narrative intervention for children with speech/language disorders
  • Speech Pathology in the Literacy Domain
  • Identifying and supporting students with a specific learning disorder in reading.

What extra training have you delivered?

  • Department of Education (Bundaberg) – Phonological Awareness as a foundation for literacy learning (teacher training).