Parent resources for home learning

This page is dedicated to providing resources to support families with implementing learning at home. We have collected links to our favourite resources, and organised suggestions below! Feel free to contact us for more information, or suggest an area.

Cooee E-Book FREE download

This pdf document (in the link below) outlines some helpful tips to get you thinking about how to stay sane in self-isolation when responsible for home learning of the kids.  It includes 2 pages of suggested fun websites and links for activities/

Even more information is below.

Cooee Educational Website Guide – FREE download

This pdf document (linked below) provides your family with a list of helpful and educational websites for additional fun and engaging learning activities. This list has been compiled by our team of speech and occupational therapists to support your child’s learning at home. It includes literacy, numeracy, science and gross and fine motor websites.

In particular, we would like to highlight the resources available from PLD-Literacy. We have listed a few below, but absolutely LOVE, and highly recommend accessing some of their structured literacy, oral language and fine motor activities.

Setting up the home learning space

See our blog on home learning – with video.

To create a good speaking and listening environment:
“Am I ready to handwrite” is a poster providing introduction to the beginning of handwriting:

Using visual schedules and structuring the day (including activities)

Our best recommendation on this front is to head to the PLD website.  They have developed easy to follow, structured 3 week plans for various age groups, from pre-schooling, through to year 6. For more on visuals – check out this blog.

Helping kids stay focused and engage in therapy or home-work

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School holiday fun

The team at Cooee Speech Pathology have compiled a list of some fun school holiday activities for your family to enjoy.  This is a free downloadable pdf document with the link provided below. We hope you enjoy these fun and educational activities these school holidays.

Making learning fun

Mrs Speechie P’ is a Facebook and Instagram page (that Cooee follows) that posts daily ideas for activities using everyday home objects or fun themes.