How Occupational Therapists help children

What do OTs do?


Occupational therapy supports people of all abilities to engage in activities (i.e. their occupations) they find meaningful. Including self-care, leisure and productivity.


Occupational Therapists support children to be able to do what they want to do, if that is tying their shoelaces or being able to floss – OTs will work with your child to help them achieve their goals


Common area’s OTs work on….


At school where children are learners, players and friends

  • Attention and concentration in class
  • Remember and follow directions in the classroom
  • Being able to show what they know through drawing or handwriting
  • Using technology to access their learning
  • Being a good friend and making friends
  • Being able to play with friends
  • Accessing the toilet at school


At home where children are self-carers, sons/daughters and players

  • Washing, drying and dressing themselves
  • Being able to brush their teeth
  • Using the toilet with success
  • Using cutlery for mealtimes
  • Being able to play with mum, dad, siblings and friends
  • Listening, remembering and following directions
  • Being able to get their belongings to go to school/kindy with


What do OTs do with children that have NDIS funding?


Children with NDIS funding need all of the same things. Occupational therapists are here to work your goals and support your child to achieve the things that they want to do.  Contact us to learn more about how our OT’s can help your child!




Hanna Corfield

Occupational Therapist