Cooee Speech Pathology holiday group programs

School holiday programs with our Brisbane north child speech pathologists and paediatric occupational therapists

Each school holidays Cooee Speech Pathology absolutely ramps up the fun in Geebung! We create group programs relevant to the needs of the children that are attending the clinic at the time. We also love meeting new children in our holiday groups!

Why are groups useful? Well, because we have seen over time that kids love to learn in a team. Our child speech pathology and occupational therapy groups build confidence and allow children the opportunity to work on areas of difficulty in a supportive and encouraging format.


You can easily book online for any of the groups we are running!

When booking online select ‘any practitioner’ – and then move the calendar forward to January to see the available times!  Bookings are essential.

Upcoming Groups

December 2019

Christmas Craft

Kids LOVE our craft groups!  They have proven to be our most popular, and are fun ways to fill up the school holidays, whilst supporting fine motor and oral language skills.

Skills developed:
– social engagement opportunities
– fine motor skills
– expressive language (explaining and describing)
– written language (early writing skills)

This Christmas we are making stained glass, Christmas cards, ornaments and a bookmark! . Group activities may vary, contact us for full details.  These groups are 90 minutes.

January 2020

Handwriting & Early Reading Groups (ages 4-6/Prep & Year 1)

This group is designed for children in their first year of school (Prep), who need support with learning their letters and sounds, and applying these skills to reading short words, and writing skills. Suitable children may be experiencing difficulty reading or writing any words, and struggling to recall letter-sounds learned in the classroom. Using FUN & explicit teaching & systematic, synthetic phonics principles we will target letter-sound knowledge, reading and spelling CVC words and sentences, according to levels that suit individual children. Parents can provide information prior to the group starting about their child’s level of letter-sound acquisition.
This group is also suitable for children using NDIS funding, please contact us for pricing as it may differ slightly pending on the plan, and age of your child.

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Prep Readiness Groups

Build oral language, pre literacy & fine motor skills ready for school!  These groups are excellent for kids heading to Prep in 2020, targeting the dynamic skills children need to be able to use in the classroom.  This includes:
– narrative skills
– phonological awareness skills (readiness for literacy)
– whole body listening
– drawing skills
– practicing verbal expression with confidence!

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Social Skills Groups – Ages 8-12 years. *to be confirmed


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Other groups we offer – contact us for interest!

Prep Readiness Groups

Build oral language, pre literacy & fine motor skills ready for school!

3D Construction – Character Creation!

Design, Construct & Share!  Social skills, fine motor & expressive language.

. In these groups, children will spend 1 ½ hours planning, creating and constructing their very own character while working on a multitude of skills, essential for success in the classroom – including writing, fine motor, planning and organisation, problem-solving, descriptive language, and understanding of concepts – all while creating and constructing a monster character!


Reading Comprehension and Writing Confidence (Grades 3+)

This is our longest-running group series, with many clients choosing to attend each school holidays to continue to provide that ‘extra’ boost some children need with understanding and expression with the written word. We target reading comprehension strategies and tackle writing by genre.

Other popular group speech pathology and occupational therapy for kids programs that we have run before include those below.  If you are interested in one of these groups – please let us know, we may be able to run it for you!

Phonological Awareness Skills (Age 4-5 )

This *new* group is targeting the vital pre-literacy skills needed for children to learn to read and sound out words. Best attended in the year prior to starting formal schooling as preparation.

Fine Motor and Expressive Language (Ages 4-7)

Our most popular group! Led by our paediatric occupational therapist, this group targets handwriting skills, with the added fun of working on telling personal life stories and events.

Speech, Language and Drama Workshops (Ages 6-8)

Using creative story-telling as a beautiful platform for expressive language, children will work together to create, rehearse and perform a play based on common fairy tale themes!

Can’t find the group to suit your child’s needs? Call us today and we will design a group for you! We also offer parent workshops run by our  Brisbane north child speech pathologists and occupational therapist, aimed at helping parents support their children’s development.