Cooee Speech Pathology Group Programs

Group programs with our Brisbane north child speech pathologists and paediatric occupational therapists

At Cooee Speech Pathology we absolutely ramp up the fun in Geebung! We create group programs relevant to the needs of the children that are attending the clinic at the time. We also love meeting new children in our group programs!

Why are groups useful? Well, because we have seen over time that kids love to learn in a team. Our child speech pathology and occupational therapy groups build confidence and allow children the opportunity to work on areas of difficulty in a supportive and encouraging format with their peers.

You can easily book online or contact the clinic for more information on any of the groups we are running!

When booking online select ‘any practitioner’ – and then move the calendar forward to your preferred month to see the available times!  Bookings are essential.

Upcoming Groups

Term 2 2022:

Craft Groups

Kids LOVE our craft groups!

They have proven to be extremely popular and are a fun and educational way to engage your children during the school holidays, whilst supporting fine motor and oral language skills.

Skills developed:
– Social engagement opportunities
– Fine motor skills
– Expressive language (explaining and describing)
– Written language (early writing skills)

Craft group activities vary each school holidays based upon the theme.  Contact us for full details.  These groups are 90 minutes.

‘Social Communication Through Play’ Group

This group has been designed to support their expressive and receptive language skills and overall pragmatic language skills in a group setting.  These groups are the perfect opportunity for children to work with their peers in a fun and engaging way on the following skills:

Developing Oral Language Skills – through activities and reading books we focus on comprehension and expressive language.

Developing Social Communication Skills – sharing information with support from the therapist to build back and forth conversational skills with peers.

Sharing and Creating! – Using craft based activities we develop concepts and work together to create our own and collective creations.

Focusing On The Narrative! – Narrative skills form the basis of developing social communication and the ability to share information.  These groups focus on developing narrative, as well as activity retells in a supported way to help develop these skills.

Our ‘Social Communication Through Play’ groups run fortnightly on Saturday mornings for 45 minutes throughout the term and are designed for NDIS participants.

Language Development Group

This fun, educational and engaging group has been designed by our speech pathologists to support children to develop and practice their language and comprehension skills. The group is based around popular children’s characters or stories and the group engages children in a supportive environment with their peers to develop the following key skills:

– Answering blanks levels of questions to support comprehension skills

– Expressive language skills through personal narratives and activity retells

These 60 minute groups are held fortnightly on Mondays throughout the term and are extremely popular so register your interest and book your place today!

Lego Based Therapy Groups

LegoⓇ based therapy is a type of intervention that is designed to support the development of social communication for children with social communication challenges. It uses a child’s interests and love of LegoⓇ to build communication and social skills. It is used to support children in developing skills such as:


– Sharing

– Listening

– Conversation

– Teamwork

– Shared attention and

– Problem-solving

A session involves two parts- half of the session consists of a structured build where a team of 3-4 group members take on a specific role and responsibilities. The second half of sessions involve free play and builds with LegoⓇ where the members can include others in their play or construct individually. The idea is to build collaborative play and communication skills that can be used across a child’s environments. These groups are only offered to clients currently attending Cooee Speech Pathology for therapy.  This group will be running in term 2 fortnightly on Friday afternoons for 60 minutes.

Social Thinking Group

This group is targeted to children aged 7 – 10 and focuses on practising social skills and social language in a group situation.  Skills targeted throughout the term-based program include:

– Turn taking

– Sharing stories

– How to make friends through conversation

– Listening skills

This group is run fortnightly on Monday afternoons in 45 minute sessions.  Spots fill quickly so contact our client care team to register your interest!

Other groups we offer – contact us for interest!

Prep Readiness Groups

Build oral language, pre literacy & fine motor skills ready for school!  These groups are excellent for kids heading to Prep in 2023, targeting the dynamic skills children need to be able to use in the classroom.  This includes:

Narrative skills

– Phonological awareness skills (readiness for literacy)

– Whole body listening

– Drawing skills

– Practicing verbal expression with confidence

Keep a look out for these groups in terms 3 and 4!

Interoception Groups

Interoception is our 8th body sense which helps us notice our body cues, link to an emotion and then helps us to be motivated to regulate.  These groups use focus experiments where children engage with  range of textures and fun activities to notice how different body parts are feeling.  Children will then be able to notice internal body cues and better understand their emotions.  These groups are run with a speech pathologist and occupational therapist in attendance.  This group is only available for current clients attending Cooee Speech Pathology for therapy.

Reading Comprehension and Writing Confidence (Grades 3+)

This is our longest-running group series, with many clients choosing to attend each school holidays to continue to provide that ‘extra’ boost some children need with understanding and expression with the written word. We target reading comprehension strategies and tackle writing by genre.

Other popular group speech pathology and occupational therapy for kids programs that we have run before include those below.  If you are interested in one of these groups – please let us know, we may be able to run it for you!

Phonological Awareness Skills (Age 4-5 )

This *new* group is targeting the vital pre-literacy skills needed for children to learn to read and sound out words. Best attended in the year prior to starting formal schooling as preparation.

Handwriting and Early Reading Groups (Ages 4-6/Prep & Year 1)

This group is designed for children in their first year of school (Prep), who need support with learning their letters and sounds, and applying these skills to reading short words, and writing skills. Suitable children may be experiencing difficulty reading or writing any words, and struggling to recall letter-sounds learned in the classroom. Using FUN & explicit teaching & systematic, synthetic phonics principles we will target letter-sound knowledge, reading and spelling CVC words and sentences, according to levels that suit individual children. Parents can provide information prior to the group starting about their child’s level of letter-sound acquisition.

This group is also suitable for children using NDIS funding, please contact us for pricing as it may differ slightly pending on the plan, and age of your child.

We also offer parent workshops run by our  Brisbane north child speech pathologists and occupational therapists, aimed at helping parents support their children’s development.  Contact our friendly client care team for more information about which groups are on offer each school holidays.