Alderley child speech pathology and occupational therapy for children

The team at Cooee Speech Pathology in Alderley is determined to help children and parents take control of children’s development. Our child speech pathology and occupational therapy for kids provides tools and strategies for improvement, based on a detailed assessment of your child.

We take a highly personal approach, developing a plan and working with children, parents and educators to ensure your child is supported and empowered to achieve the best results. Every person has the right to communication – whether in speech, reading and writing or play and socialising.

Our speech pathology and child occupational therapy clinic offers a safe and friendly home away from home for children in the Brisbane north area, including Northgate, Wavell Heights, Zillmere and Chermside.

Child speech therapy

Our child speech therapists love helping children reach their full developmental potential. We want kids to feel confident and safe, and provide them with the tools and skills to achieve the best results.

Communication is such a key aspect of daily life, and our team is dedicated to giving children of all ages the ability to express themselves. Our speech therapy for children helps kids aged from 18 months old to 18 years of age improve speech and communication, including literacy, comprehension, articulation, language and fluency.

Paediatric occupational therapy services

Working hand-in-hand with kids speech therapy, paediatric occupational therapy equips kids with functional strategies to improve their own abilities and development. From sensory processing to following instructions, socialising and boosting fine and gross motor skills, our occupational therapists provide a fun and friendly environment for success.

Child speech pathology and occupational therapy workshops

At Cooee Speech Pathology, our experienced team loves to share our knowledge with both children and their parents. Our school holiday child speech pathology programs are popular with kids of all ages, helping them prepare and boosting their confidence for the school term.

If parents want to learn more about how they can support their child’s development, we also run speech and occupational therapy parent workshops. Led by our friendly team, our workshops educate parents and equip them with the tools to help children improve at home.