About our Alderley child speech pathology and occupational therapy clinic

Speech pathology and paediatric occupational therapy for Brisbane’s north suburbs

Cooee Speech Pathology is a private paediatric speech therapy and occupational therapy service for children supporting them with areas of developmental concern.

Our therapy approach is family-orientated, working with parents, caregivers and organisations to assist children to reach their full communication potential. We also run a range of parent education workshops with our child speech pathologists and occupational therapists, helping parents help their kids at home.

Cooee Speech Pathology provides child speech pathology assessment and treatment for children who are having difficulty with:

  • speech pronunciation and clarity
  • sentences and grammar
  • following directions or comprehension
  • children who are or may be late-to-talk
  • literacy, including reading, spelling and writing
  • children with a diagnosis.

We also have paediatric occupational therapists working with us.  Our Occupational Therapists provide assessment and intervention for:

  • fine and gross motor skills, including handwriting
  • attention, concentration and organisational skills
  • activities of daily life (e.g. dressing, toileting, sleep)
  • developmental skills, e.g. playing, socialising
  • sensory processing skills

No doctor’s referral is necessary, simply contact the team directly to discuss your concerns. We can also provide information about private health insurance rebates for your child’s speech pathology or occupational therapy services.


Getting started: your first appointment

Our Client Journey Planning sessions is the first step in getting started with Cooee Speech Pathology. This helps to make sure you know what to expect as you go through the Journey with us. And makes sure our Therapists can get started straight away in ways that are meaningful for you and your child.

We understand that:

  • all children are unique & require their own assessment and therapy journey
  • some children have lots of background data, and key people or environments in their lives that are an important part of the therapy journey
  • families value being able to speak with their therapists about their concerns without their children present

Your first appointment will create a confidential space for you to discuss your concerns about your child’s development, and receive an individualised plan for assessment and therapy, based on the information you provide.

It’s important you know that this first appointment is not a direct assessment of your child.  This session is an important first step in receiving the recommendations and resources you need to establish the starting point for therapy services.

Contact us today to book your Client Journey Planning Session!  These sessions can be run either in person, or via telehealth.


Our approach to care

  • We value and celebrate diversity!  We are experienced in supporting multilingual families, and embrace the importance that each individual’s culture has on their communication and participation.  We can support you to access interpreters if desired.
  • We also take a neuro-affirming approach to clinical practice, meaning we support and recognise that all people think and perceive in different ways.  We don’t aim to ‘fix’ or ‘cure’, but support each child’s individual development towards their own unique & meaningful goals.
  • We value the journey. With over a decade of practice, we understand that sometimes the therapy process can be long term.  We work with you to understand how the therapy process might unfold, across your child’s development.
  • We collaborate with stakeholders, and value the importance of the right type of service delivery model to support achieving goals.  For some families this means coordinating care across multiple providers and therapies, either within Cooee, or within the wider community.
  • Read more about our values

We look forward to welcoming you to Cooee!