At Cooee, we provide both Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services, which can be Direct Services or Indirect Services.

This page provides important information regarding the options for structuring your care plan, and how additional indirect services are billed.

Based on availability, clients can choose to access Direct Services or Indirect Services.

Direct services include attending a face to face, or telehealth session with a therapist who provides assessment, intervention, consultative education and advocacy and case management within that session time.

Indirect services includes anything additional to, recommended or requested to occur outside of the booked session time.  Full list below.


We provide four options for accessing our direct services, and the appropriate model of care will be recommended to you based on your assessment results & therapy goals.


Single Discipline Services (Speech Pathology or Occupational Therapy)

e.g. Accessing Speech Pathology Sessions only.

Multidisciplinary Services **

e.g. Seeing a Speech Pathologist + Occupational Therapist simultaneously (in different sessions)

e.g. Seeing a Speech Pathologist + Occupational Therapist simultaneously (in the same session, working on collaborative but individual goals)

Interdisciplinary Services **

e.g. Seeing a Speech Pathologist + Occupational Therapist in the same session, with both therapists working towards the same goal.

Transdisciplinary Services **

e.g. Seeing a Speech Pathologist, who will be providing interventions (as per their training) across both Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy.  (only where training permits & client management requires this model due to complexity).

** These models of care ethically require the inclusion of additional Indirect Services, due to the consultative nature of the advocacy & collaboration involved in client management.  When providing these services, the therapists must set collaborative goals, include environmental supports + recommended adjustments, work with your stakeholders (Teachers, support workers, etc) to ensure education and advocacy is provided. 

Direct services includes any room set up additional to the traditional therapeutic space (e.g. for gross motor intervention, feeding) or food preparation and room cleaning related to feeding therapy.

These services mentioned above are indirect services, which are either a) conducted during your regular session time, or b) billed at our hourly rate as per therapist availability.  See below for the full list.


We do not provide consultative information, clinical advice or recommendations by email due to ethical reasons.  
No clinical correspondence will occur in body of emails, information will be sent as pdf attachments, upon parent/carer request & by informed consent of family.  Clinical phone calls will be billed at the rate/15min minimums & are considered a meeting. 



Any requests for indirect services should occur during regular clinical sessions, where the therapist will negotiate time frames, typically from 2-6 weeks depending on caseload demands.

All indirect services are billed at the hourly rate, based on 15 minute increments, including any travel.

Cooee Speech will support therapists to manage their caseload requirements in a balanced way. Turnaround times for requests for indirect services are to be negotiated with the therapist directly, and will be prioritised based on clinical demand.

 Indirect services include any clinical consultation occurring outside of regular direct face to face therapy times.  This includes;

  • Writing of any letters,  reports, summaries additional to existing documentation
  • Attendance at any meeting, including phone calls, zoom calls, or face to face meetings (including travel time).
  • Development of any clinical resources specific or individual to the child, as required for their intervention
  • Provision of any adjustments or classroom scaffolds, curriculum modifications/support and environmental recommendations/adjustments.
  • Advocacy, education of stakeholders, case management advice, including lead therapist planning time.
  • Multi disciplinary and interdisciplinary stakeholder in person communications, includes collaborative goal setting & clinical planning sessions, case conferencing & review meetings.
  • Home programming, individualised resource development, AAC planning or programming.
  • Parent advice, education, coaching sessions.