Why choose Cooee Speech Pathology?

At Cooee, we focus on … going on the journey.

For both parents, families, children and the Cooee team, our intention is to support growth and development, across your journey.  We use this purpose statement to focus our attention, and embody our shared values which govern our decisions and actions.

Our core purpose

Cooee exists as a network for individual and collective growth in which the team, our families & children feel safe while they develop, connect & work on meaningful goals that create long lasting change.  

We aim to build collaborative partnerships & nurture a community which empowers families to flourish and take the lead in their therapy journey.  We do this by fostering education and engagement with an intention to generate a legacy of care & acceptance.

Our core values


Collaboration and individual action leads us to progress.

  • We are clear in our communication, when giving & receiving support or feedback.
  • We seek diverse perspectives to include the big picture
  • We take ownership over our actions & communication to move forward.
  • We follow through, close the loop & celebrate our wins.


Clarity and positivity creates momentum towards our vision.

  • We see possibilities and options to allow us to deliver results
  • We engage in clarity and specificity to allow for achievable and systematic growth
  • We believe in our capacity to effect change


Support and challenge guides individual and collective growth.

  • We give and receive feedback in clear, honest & timely way
  • We focus on connection, by being reliable & collaborative.
  • We cultivate resilience and solve problems with positivity
  • We encourage when giving direction


Care includes self & others.

  • We set boundaries in a way that builds relationships
  • We use initiative & value reciprocity
  • We blend authenticity with empathy and discernment
  • We engage healthy responsibility, personally, professionally and clinically.


Innovation comes from seeking clarity within the unfamiliar.

  • We pursue transparency and flexibility as we create change.
  • We embrace the creative process & innovation that comes from organic growth
  • We invite new solutions whilst also establishing stability in our process.


Excellence stems from both quality and efficiency.

  • We uphold comprehensive standards for our work
  • We commit to supporting clients on their journey
  • We meet deadlines, and achieve outcomes through adaptability and dedication.
  • We build our reputation by achieving quality work within efficient timelines.
  • We underpromise and overdeliver.


We look forward to partnering with you, your family and your community!


Cooee’s Pillars

At Cooee, each of the team contribute to our organisation via working on projects within one of our 6 Pillars.  Read below to explore the aim statements of each pillar, that guides each project developed.

Community Care

Cooee is a pillar of the community who advocates, builds connections and educates in order to inspire trust, care, understanding and acceptance within our local and global community.

Clinical Care

The clinical care at Cooee will be an ever evolving, supportive framework that is fueled by innovation and collaboration, and driven by a passion for excellence.

Client Care

The client care team is the connection point which supports and enables successful engagement and navigation of the therapy journey.

Culture & Team

The Cooee team is cohesive, connected and shows up intentionally in line with our core values. We celebrate each other, support each other and genuinely care. Our team is vibrant, committed and this energy attracts new team members


For the Cooee team & community it partners with to have a motivation & deep understanding of their role within the ecological environment, & the ways in which they impact upon the immediate & wider world.


The financial system & strategic planning at Cooee enables and empowers the team to achieve their individual, and our collective goals in a way that inspires and benefits the team and community.