Child speech pathology in Alderley and Brisbane north suburbs

At Cooee Speech Pathology in Alderley in Brisbane north we have a caring and professional team providing child speech pathology for children aged 18 months to 18 years. We are passionate about helping kids develop in a happy, nurturing environment.

Our child speech pathologists love working with children to unlock their full potential, applying a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the best results for your kids. Our Alderley kids’ speech therapy clinic is virtually a home away from home, providing a relaxed, safe and friendly environment where children feel comfortable and confident.

At Cooee Speech Pathology we believe communication is a basic human right for every person. Our child speech therapists work closely with family and teams, including kindergartens, schools and other allied health services to support children.

To start your journey today, you can book a Client Journey Planning Session with one of our Speech Pathologists, to discuss your concerns and receive recommendations for assessment.

Scroll down a little further on this page to answer some common questions about areas speech pathology can help with, and what you can expect!

Speech therapy for children

Our assessment and child speech pathology approaches are highly individualised and functional, giving kids the skills needed to improve:

  • language skills, including comprehension (understanding) and expression (speaking)
  • stuttering
  • articulation of speech sounds, also known as pronunciation or speech clarity
  • literacy, including reading, writing and spelling
  • reading comprehension and extended writing skills
  • social communication and emotional literacy.

Our paediatric speech therapy also aims to give parents a better understanding of how children’s language develops and what you can do at home to support your child’s development.

Our YouTube has helpful videos for parents, like the one below!