Occupational Therapy & Speech Pathology Student Clinic

At Cooee we’re excited to be supporting emerging clinicians develop and learn through our paediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Student Clinic!

The student clinicians will work out of our Alderley Clinic, and be fully supervised during all 1:1 assessments and therapy provided.  All documentation is quality checked by our Clinical Supervisors who are qualified & experienced Speech Pathologists or Occupational Therapists.

Our Student Clinicians will follow Cooee’s standard clinical protocols and provide quality assessment and intervention according to our structured frameworks under full supervision.  Session length & reporting timelines will be longer for the Student Clinicians to allow for their additional learning time requirements.

Our Occupational Therapy Student Clinicians provide:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Assessments (Ages 5 yrs +)
  • School Aged Function Assessments (Grade 1 in 2023 and older)
  • Prep Readiness Assessments (Prep in 2024)
  • Development & Play Assessments (Age 2-4 years)
  • Short term therapy blocks

Our Speech Pathology Student Clinicians provide:

  • Speech Clarity Assessments
  • Late Talker Assessments
  • Preschool Language Assessments
  • School Aged Language Assessments
  • Literacy Assessments
  • Prep Readiness Assessments
  • Short term therapy blocks

All SP & OT Student Assessments receive a full report & each therapy block receives a progress report.

Fees for our student clinic are available by contacting us directly.  Medicare rebates (EPCs),  Private Health Funding & NDIS Funding is available for use with student clinicians that are fully supervised.  Our standard cancellation policy & indirect service billing policy applies.

To book your spot today call 09732654495 or email [email protected] !