At Cooee, all team members benefit from a holistic growth framework. You will have access to a range of supports to inspire, clarify and help you create the career you’ve been looking for. We are intentional about setting up systems that support each person to create their own pathway, and thrive in their roles.


Our current opportunities

We believe in finding the right fit – for both the team member and also the team. Find out more about who we are looking for below.

2024 Early Career Positions - SLP & OT

We are excited to open up our Early Career Positions within the Cooee team in 2024!

We started with 4, and have 3 positions remaining.

If you are interested in growth & intend to develop excellent foundations, as a practitioner and as a professional – this role is for you.

Our support encompasses three areas:
Clinical Excellence
Personal Development
Professional Skills

Join a team that understands how to support and develop your early career skillset, to ensure you start your career on the right foot.

A role with Cooee will ensure you are able to focus on nurturing and cultivating the skills you need, in your early years of practice.

Skills like:

Being able to run your day, your week, on time & with a smooth schedule.

Having a self-organisation system that ensures you can effectively prioritise, communicate and execute your work, without it building up, and becoming overwhelming.

The capacity to understand and leverage your own personal vision and motivation style, to ensure you are staying connected to the reason you became a therapist in the first place!

The confidence in your communication styles to be able to engage effectively with clients, families and other professionals as you develop your expertise.

Looking for a supportive role?

We provide:

  • Clear clinical protocols to follow – so you can be confident in the assessment processes & therapy plans you are developing.  No need to worry about what you ‘don’t know’ – we’ve covered it!
  • Targeted 2 week induction & training program
  • First 3 months supported caseload development (From 25% –> 40% –> 50%)
  • Clear & Reasonable Ongoing Clinical targets -21 billed hours per week (FTE) by 6 months in the role
  • Excellence in clinical supervision – weekly 1 hour
  • 8 Additional Clinical Training sessions to focus on development of intervention-specific skills (2 months, weekly, 1 hour)
  • DIR Floortime CPD training up front
  • $1000/annum External CPD budget
  • 1 hour Internal CPD fortnightly / 1 hour Professional/Team Development training fortnightly
  • Flexible working arrangements (work in clinic + from home if you desire). 
  • Our sessions are delivered in-clinic, so while we may do irregular community visits for observation and meeting if clinically required, as a clinician you have no other driving around, packing up, or times where you have to work in isolation.  You can access everything you need for your role in clinic & have the benefit of working alongside team members in the same physical space.
  • Individual developmental coaching to support your personal & professional growth (valued at $9000/annum)
  • Above award Remuneration + rewards program + employee growth & benefits inclusions of ~$20 000
  • All the clinical assessments & resources you need 
  • Exceptional & intentional team culture – we are values driven

We are looking for up to four clinicians to join the team in 2024 and enjoy becoming a clinician of choice in North Brisbane.


These roles are perfect if you are enthusiastic, driven and excited by making a difference within the paediatric sector!  We are a generalist practice, so you will develop a wide ranging skillset, working between the range of infancy through to adolescence.

What you need to know

The Cooee team operates in a unique & innovative shifts model.  We first innovated this role in 2019, one of the first paediatric clinics in QLD to do so.  The roles offered is a 38 hour/week position, with either Monday to Friday, or Tuesday – Saturday roles available.

The indirect hours related to caseload management can be structured flexibly in our clinic co-working spaces or at home based on preference.

Start date for these positions remains open.

We have a personal approach, being a small business that is clinician-led.   We’re not intersted in recruiters, we want to get to know you.   Book an exploratory call today to talk about the role or email [email protected]!

Want to talk to a 2023 graduate?  Get in touch with Marion to organise a time to chat to Kiara or Tess about their experience!


Speech Pathologist - Full Time

We are currently looking for the next Speech Pathologist to join our team.

If you are an experienced Speech Pathologist, looking for a new opportunity to grow your skills, step into a new role, or deepen your clinical learning – this could the right time to join our team.

The first step – is having a chat with us.  We take a personal approach & want to get to know you, your goals, and see how we might work together.

Benefits of the Role

  • We’re a multidisciplinary clinic – so you can enjoy working alongside Occupational Therapists every day – and help achieve greater client outcomes by providing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary services onsite! Joint sessions have never been so much fun!
  • Work in a fully resourced, spacious clinic – we provide all you need – assessments, resources, and have space for 1:1 therapy, groups, running workshops and more! No driving around, packing up, packing down.  Feel comfortable in your clinic space so you can focus on the clients.
  • Full time Flexible Role: We work within a flexible shifts model, so you can choose a work-life schedule that suits your family, career goals or personal interests.
  • Our clinic is open Monday – Thursday 7-6, Friday 7-5, and Saturday 8-1pm. Clinicians work a morning, or afternoon shift providing therapy & face to face services & complete admin in flex hours which are structured flexibly in our clinic co-working spaces or at home based on preference..
    • This role:
      Monday – Friday or Tuesday – Saturday roles available!
    • Custom design the working week that suits your lifestyle & desired income.
  • We have structure.  We have worked hard on our systems, processes and procedures to ensure the smooth delivery of services and coordination amongst the team.  This includes a clear overview of Clinical Scope of Practice, our Assessment Protocols and Clinical Protocols which are based on EBP4 and provide clinicians with guidance on areas across the range of paediatric practice.
  • Remuneration is based on experience, with above award salary, CPD leave, and rewards based on performance.

Click here to book a call with Marion & explore the options available.

2025 Graduate Program

Information about Cooee’s Pre-Graduate Year and the Graduate Positions available in our team in 2025 will be released in June!

Check back in and keep an eye on our Instagram to be the first to find out the details!

We’re focused on culture, self-leadership and growth
Receive support

We support you; personally, professionally and clinically. Using an Integral approach, we understand that work is more than what we do, and that our growth as individuals is as important as developing our skillset.

Enjoy flexibility

Flexible working hours allow you to step into self-leadership, enjoy autonomy and structure your own work-life balance.

Accelerate growth

1:1 Developmental Coaching will support your development and growth towards your goals.

Deepen your professional development

You’ll receive consistent in-house CPD + a professional CPD budget tailored to your growth plan. The Clinical Lead team individually tailor supervision and we provide additional learning resources on Google Classroom.

Family friendly environment

The clinic is well resourced across a multidisciplinary scope of practice. It’s our privilege to work alongside families, often in the long-term, to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Intentional team culture & direction

We regularly reset and realign as a team, with a rhythm of Team Days and an Annual Team Retreat throughout that focus on professional growth, individual goals and the organisational vision. All team members play an active part in contributing towards the direction and growth of the business through the Cooee Pillar they co-lead.

Start your career journey with our award winning team

1Book an exploratory call to discuss your career pathway and goals.

2Come and shadow a therapist: a day in the Cooee life.

3Experience supervision with a clinical lead.

4Explore our support system and resources (Google Classroom; supervision; coaching; team development; templates and clinical protocols)

5Send your resume and cover letter to apply.

Benefits of working in the Cooee team

We are supportive

We are intentional about designing the support and training at Cooee, to cover three primary areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Capacity Building
  • Clinical Excellence

We consider both how to structure the roles within the team to be empowering and non-hierarchical, as well as what supports and trainings will best enhance the skill development, autonomy and leadership skills of all clinicians.

Training & Supports Provided for all team members:


Clinical Expertise

  • Weekly or Fortnightly Scheduled Clinical Supervision
  • Internal Continuing Professional Development – Multidisciplinary Clinical Skills – 3 sessions / month
  • External Continuing Professional Development Budget – $1000/p.a. Full Time Equivalent
  • Google Classroom Clinical Training Modules – 26+ modules for offline clinical learning – have access to clinical learning, CPD trainings and assessment/intervention protocols 24/7 outside of your scheduled supervision sessions.
  • Clinical Protocols outlining Cooee’s Practice Based Evidence frameworks across full scope of paediatric Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy areas of clinical practice.

Professional Skills

  • Dashboarding & Scheduling Training 
  • Cooee ‘Coodle’ – Whole Team Alignment & Culture Days
  • Daily 10 minute team meeting – connection focused, identifying wins, supports & aspirational value of the day
  • Pillar Project opportunity – each 4 month organisational cycle the team identify a group project within the realms of one of our 6 strategic business areas to contribute to & lead. Pillar projects are the opportunity for exploration and development of leadership skills through meaningful contribution to the organisation. 

Personal Development

  • One on One Developmental Leadership Coaching towards self identified career progression goals
  • Team Development Sessions every 4 weeks targeting areas of mindset, resilience, emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills
  • Annual team retreat for strategic alignment, goal setting and personal development.

We are experienced

Cooee has been in practice for over a decade, providing multidisciplinary services in a clinic based setting.

We have excellent assessments and resources to make the clinical aspects of the role easier.

We have supported over 25 therapists across the last decade in developing their skill sets and providing clinical excellence. We understand how to support team members.

We know that personal development is critical, so we prioritise you and your growth, whether you are an early career clinician, or someone ready to elevate their role.

We contribute to community

Our leadership team is passionate about connecting in with our local clinical community and with this in mind are leading the way with the Cooee Collaborative!

Join our team