Connecting the Clinical Community

The Cooee Collaborative aims to inspire vision, productivity and emotional intelligence in allied health professionals by supporting leaders and aspiring leaders to access practical & holistic tools for professional growth.

We take an integral view on growth, understanding that change occurs from within the individual as they develop new insights and apply them through their actions, and that change is influenced by the cultures, systems and networks in which we exist.

At the Cooee Collaborative we are committed to supporting each other in: 

Accelerating Personal Development

Developing Professional Capacity

Honing Clinical Excellence

We do this by:

  • Regular Webinars/workshops (see below to access past recordings!)
  • Complimentary One Off Mentoring Sessions with a Clinical Leader
  • An offer of Workplace Shadowing – we have an open-door policy
  • Paid Clinical Supervision (fee involved)
  • One on One Leadership Coaching (fee involved)
  • A monthly newsletter

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Coming Up

Workshop  Thursday 8th August 6:30pm!
In person & Online tickets available, but we encourage you to attend in person, and come and chat with the team!

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Access Past Webinars

The Interplay between regulation & language development | Supporting children’s regulation to access therapy.  A multidisciplinary CPD. presented by Hanna Corfield & Emma Lefever. September 29th 2022

Private Practice Ready: An Integral Approach to Professional Practice. 21 September 2022. Presented by Marion Giddy & Libby Hall

Clinical Excellence | Beyond Perfectionism to Purpose Driven Practice.  10th. May 2022.   Presented by Marion Giddy & Libby Hall

Developing your OT Career in a Multidisciplinary Practice – Feb 3, 2022.  Presented by Hanna Corfield & Marion Giddy.

Finding your Voice in Private Practice – Mar 16, 2022.  Presented by Libby Hall & Marion Giddy.

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