Community education workshops in Alderley and Brisbane north suburbs

Led by our child speech pathologists and occupational therapists

At Cooee Speech Pathology, we believe in empowering parents and communities to work together to support change in children’s lives.

Our child speech therapists and occupational therapists absolutely love sharing our knowledge and problem solving with families and community partners.


We provide:


Parent Information Workshops (on site at Cooee, or at your kindy/centre)

Topics of your choice!  Recent presentations include:

  • General SP/OT Parent Info Night; including what you can do at home (60 mins)
  • Bilingualism in Children: Language development for children who speak more than 1 language
  • Letters, Sounds & Learning to Read: for parents of children aged 4-5 yrs, the link between speech clarity, fine motor skills & learning literacy.
  • The importance of Narrative Skills prior to school

Professional Education Workshops on topics below (or customised based on your interest/needs)

  • Speech Pathology & Bilingualism
  • Alternative Communication & Visuals Use at Kindy
  • Understanding the link between speech, vocabulary & reading
  • Applying Adjustments & Scaffolds to improve access in the classroom

Referrer Connection Packs

Packs of 4 brochures across a variety of educational areas related to they kindy years.

  • Development in Kindy Years (OT Focus – motor skills, life skills etc)
  • Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy at Cooee
  • My child speaks multiple languages & is starting Kindy
  • What to expect in the Kindy Years (Speech & Language Development at ages 3-4) 

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