Remindables And How They Can Help Keep Your Family Organised – A guest blog from the team at Remindables


The lovely ladies, Kate and Lauren, from Remindables have written a great guest blog on their fantastic product and how their colourful clip-on reminder tags can support your child and family to become more organised and independent.

Remindables – Helping your child improve their independence

Ask a parent of a child who has difficulty with attention how their child goes about completing everyday tasks by themselves, and they’ll tell you their child struggles to attend and stay focused. 

 Ask the parent of a child who has poor executive functioning skills how their child goes with planning, thinking ahead and organising their belongings, and they’ll tell you their child is disorganized, all over the place and unsure of what’s up next! 

 In fact, ask any parent if their child packs their bag themselves, remembers what to take AND what to bring home, as well as everything they have on for that week AND where that means they need to be … (after all, they are kids and that’s a lot to remember) and those parents will say their child can’t do any of these things independently, and in fact relies on adults to help them with all these things! 

 No doubt you’ve been told of ways to prepare your child and “ready” them for school. But what is often neglected is teaching our children how to think and do for themselves. As parents we often just do things for them! 


Why Remindables and how we do it?

 Remindables are colourful clip-on reminder tags to help your child learn to pack their own bag AND remember to bring everything back home again! 

 Remindables target executive functioning skills at the core, supporting a child in a highly practical, every day task. Sure it’s easy for us as parents to pack our child’s bag for them (it’s peace of mind that they have everything) but what happens when we’re not there? How do they learn the skills of thinking ahead, planning, remembering, staying on task, and independent thinking if we always do it for them?!  Each one of these skills are stepping stones to help them transition into teen and adult years, and then being able to achieve a range of many other daily activities. 

 So while little brains are still developing these tricky executive functioning skills, Remindables is supporting them. Our colourful tags have easy to interpret visuals helping to support memory and recall. When used regularly and consistently, Remindables can begin to build your child’s confidence and help them achieve a basic everyday task. 

All children CAN think for themselves. Remindables does it simply, visually and easily, supporting kids all the way. 

 Tag images include items to pack in bags, events that may be on, affirmations, anxiety strategies and medical alerts.  If you would like more information about Remindables you can head over to our website to see our entire range of 90+ tag images at or contact us at [email protected] .


Authors – Kate Jones and Lauren Ball from Remindables