Groups At Cooee

At Cooee Speech Pathology we endeavour to provide families with a variety of therapy options to support children and families on their therapy journey.  One of these options is groups! 


Why Are Groups Beneficial?

At Cooee Speech Pathology our core purpose is to give every child the best possible social and academic start to life so they can participate fully, learn well and follow their dreams with confidence.  Group settings can provide children with the opportunity to develop and engage in practical skills in a fun, supportive and engaging setting.  This can then build a child’s confidence and support them to develop valuable techniques and skills in a safe environment while enhancing their relationships with their peers.   


What Groups Does Cooee Provide?

At Cooee Speech Pathology we provide families with a wide variety of groups throughout school terms and the school holidays to support speech pathology and occupational therapy needs.  You can find some more information about these groups and what’s involved below. 

Term Based Groups 

  • LegoⓇ Therapy Groups – These groups are extremely popular and are a social communication group designed to support children with social difficulties.  They focus on expressive and receptive language skills, problem solving skills, social communication skills (such as facial expressions and eye contact), play skills, joint attention, turn taking, task focus and social skills.
  • Preschool Language & Craft Groups – These fun and educational groups support preschool aged children to develop and practice their language and comprehension skills through popular children’s stories and craft!  Children participate in show and tell and activity retells, develop their expressive and receptive language skills, work on comprehension skills by answering blanks levels of questions and practice whole body listening and their best speech with their peers.
  • Prep Readiness Groups – To give your child their best start to prep our speech and occupational therapists have designed and developed this extremely popular group which runs in terms 3 and 4 at Cooee.  Our prep readiness groups support the development of expressive and receptive language skills through story and activity retells and comprehension activities, work on early sound identification and segmentation to support early literacy skills, fine motor skills such as cutting, glueing and early letter formation, gross motor skills development, whole body listening and developing social skills in a group setting,  which is perfect for children entering the prep classroom!  
  • School Age Language and Communication Groups – This fantastic group has been designed to support children aged between 5 and 9 to develop their receptive, expressive and overall pragmatic language skills in a group setting.   Oral language skills are developed through activities and when reading books we focus on comprehension and expressive language.  Social communication skills are developed through the sharing of information with support from the therapist to build back and forth conversational skills with peers.  Children share and create using craft based activities to develop concepts and work together to create our own and collective creations.  There is also a focus on narrative skills.  Narrative skills form the basis of developing social communication and the ability to share information.  These groups focus on developing narrative, as well as activity retells in a supported way to help develop these skills.
  • Speech Clarity Groups – Our speech clarity groups have been developed to support children aged 3 to 5 in a supportive and fun group environment.  Children practice their best speech with their peers, target and develop their skills with 1 identified speech sound and parents also receive valuable education and coaching to support their child’s development.  A home learning pack is also available for purchase to support your child’s learning and engagement at home.
  • Social Skills Craft Groups – Our school holiday social skills groups have been designed by our speech pathologists and support children to develop social thinking concepts such as expected and unexpected behaviours, smart thinking, conversation skills while being a social detective.  Each group uses books, videos, craft and interactive activities to engage the children in the development of their social communication.  These groups are extremely popular and fill up quickly!

School Holiday Groups

  • Interoception Groups – An exciting group to support a child’s interoceptive awareness.  Children work to identify body signals, understand which body cues link to an emotion and develop an awareness of body states and responses.  This is all done in a supportive and fun group environment.
  • Craft Groups – Our popular craft groups are designed to engage children in a fun group setting to develop fine motor skills, planning and sequencing skills and language and literacy skills through visualising and verbalising, planning and activity retells.
  • Handwriting & Fine Motor Groups – These groups have been developed to support a child’s development in their pencil grasp, early letter formation, pre-writing patterns and early fine motor skills.  
  • Executive Function Groups – This is a fantastic group designed by our occupational therapists to improve your child’s executive function skills for children aged 6 to 10.  Each group is themed around a popular children’s activity and involves activities and tasks to engage kids in an exciting and fun way!  These groups support the improvement of a child’s ability to follow instructions, improve their impulse control and improve their behaviour and attention to tasks.  
  • Social Skills Groups – Each school holiday period Cooee Speech Pathology supports children to continue in their social skills development with our fun social skills groups.  These groups involve interactive activities for the children to participate and engage in with their peers to support social communication


How Can You Register Your Interest In Groups At Cooee?

To register your interest in one of our groups you can contact our client care team via [email protected] or on (07) 3265 4495.  One of the members of our friendly client care team can then either book you into a place in your group of preference or register your interest in up and coming groups.  Our groups are extremely popular and with limited places available bookings and registering your interest is extremely important.  You can also keep up to date with groups information on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and our groups page on our website.


If you would like any further information regarding our speech pathology and occupational therapy groups at Cooee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly client care team.

Giulia Hayward

Practice Manager