Why choose Cooee Speech Pathology?

Caring speech pathology and occupational therapy for children in Brisbane north suburbs

As parents, we understand you want the best for your children. At Cooee Speech Pathology, we are focused on helping make your intervention journey as easy as we can.

Our core purpose is to give every child the best possible social, and academic start to life, so they can participate fully, learn well and follow their dreams with confidence. We will do this by creating amazing experiences for our clients, through the provision of leading evidence-based child speech therapy interventions and occupational therapy for children.

To achieve this, we will continually commit to excellence and go the extra mile for our clients, thereby helping them achieve best health outcomes and set them up for future success.

Our core values –


We understand that words are powerful, so we…

  • Speak the truth courageously
  • Choose inclusion, trust & integrity
  • Communicate responsively
  • Seek to understand


We believe our actions demonstrate our intentions, as such, we…

  • Give our best, but don’t demand perfection
  • Are accountable for our actions
  • Embrace positivity and enthusiasm
  • Say yes to change


We actively choose how we show up at work, and engage with each other, therefore we… 

  • Seek multiple perspectives
  • Are  open and honest 
  • Stay present and engaged 
  • Send messages with a positive intention
  • Are responsible for ourselves

We can’t wait to share the journey with you! Please contact us or book online with our kids’ speech therapists.