Ashley Hannan

Name: Ashley Hannan

Occupational Therapist

Where did you study?

Australian Catholic University.  Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Why did you get into paediatric speech pathology?

When first beginning practice, I started as a Rural Generalist and very quickly found a love for Paediatrics due to the fun and creative nature of therapy. I love that no two sessions are ever the same and that each therapy journey is unique. I really enjoy getting to work with families to help them towards achieving their goals and working as an OT in Paediatrics gives me the opportunity to do this everyday!

Why do you love your job?

I love being an Occupational Therapist because I get to work with a variety of people as well as be creative in sessions and think outside the box. My days are filled with all kinds of tasks and activities where I don’t have to sit behind a desk! I really enjoy getting to work with families and their care teams in order to work collaboratively and achieve their goals through family and client centred practice. Being able to do this helps to build strong relationships with clients and families which is something that I really value.

Favourite toys to use in therapy?

Play-doh, bubbles, sensory bins & Uno

What additional training have you completed?

– SOS Approach to Feeding – When children won’t eat: Picky eaters vs. Problem Feeders
– DIR Training
– Montreal Cognitive Assessment training
– Webinar trainings for: Sleep with Disability, Toileting and The Art of Paediatrics through Occupational Therapy Australia
– Taking Wheelchair and Seating Evaluation from Initial Assessment to Final Prescription
– SIL and ILO Housing Options