Emma Lefever

Name: Emma Lefever

Speech Pathologist

Where did you study?

University of Queensland – Bachelor of Arts; with extended major in psychology. Masters of speech pathology studies also at UQ.

Why did you get into paediatric speech pathology?

I had a stutter and couldn’t say my r’s as a child. I received Speech Pathology which really helped me, and so wanted to do the same for others. I have memories of going to see the school speech therapist, doing work with her and even getting my sticker at the end! I remember doing speech homework with my Mum. I have memories of doing a speech test in kindy. So it’s nice to be able to share my experience and help others develop their communication, like my speech therapist did for me.

Why do you love your job?

I love the variety, I love seeing the clients grow, I love seeing the difference we can make in families lives by supporting the clients communication and helping them understand how to support their child’s communication. I love the team environment; working with OTs really gives a bigger understanding of how to support clients more holistically. I love genuinely making a difference in people’s lives.

Favourite toys to use in therapy?

Pengaloo game; books (early language and school fiction); squeaky pig; sticky bubbles

What extra training have you attended?

  • Hanen It Takes Two to Talk
  • DIR Floortime
  • Literacy workshops
  • PFASE online feeding training
  • Key Word Sign workshop
  • Cued Articulation workshop
  • Autism through the lifespan workshop
  • Play skills introductory workshop
  • Lidcombe Stuttering Program

What extra training have you delivered?

  • Prep readiness parent workshop at Cooee