Etienne Hine

About Etienne

Etienne is excellent at actively listening to, and gathering information from multiple perspectives in order to methodically find practical and effective solutions. His dedication to considering a myriad of factors when approaching a task allows him to create new opportunities for professional and clinical growth. His passion for problem solving involves not only pioneering innovative solutions, but also empowering others to reach their unique potential. While Etienne works behind the scenes within the clinic, he loves getting to know and working with people, and he combines his extensive knowledge of clinical systems with collaborating with members of his team, Cooee’s clients and their key stakeholders. When he isn’t in the clinic, Etienne enjoys spending time with his family and reading fantasy and classical literature.


What Etienne says about working at Cooee

I love being able to come alongside clients, families and therapists to work towards meaningful solutions for people. I love working in a team of people who are all dedicated to getting the best results for clients and their families and working for a practice that values the unique skills and perspectives that I bring.