Hanna Corfield

Name: Hanna Corfield

Occupational Therapist

About Me: I love anything fitness/outdoor related (hiking, climbing, surfing, walking, lying in the sun). I have a daughter who keeps me on my toes. I am also a big fan of “dad jokes” and love a good laugh. I have been an OT since 2011, after graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. I currently work part time here at Cooee Speech Pathology (Monday & Tuesday) and part time in Child and Youth Mental Health Services in an Evolve Therapeutic Services Team. I have worked in school, hospital and mental health settings but my favourite experience while being an OT has been working with disadvantaged children in Vietnam!

Additional Training:

Training I have attended:

  • DIR Floortime Online Training – this is useful for early engagement with children who aren’t developing interpersonal skills early on, I also use it for social engagement in the older children between 5 and 8.
  • Secret Agent Society Facilitator Training – this is a social skills program designed for children on the Autism Spectrum ages 7+
  • Attended a 3 day workshop with Dr. Chris Chapparo on Anxiety, Resilience, Stress – this workshop taught me to use my skills as an OT to help children use different techniques and strategies to manage their body when they start to become stressed or anxious.
  • Keyword Sign Beginner Workshops
  • Spectronics Assistive Technology Conference in 2011 and 2015 – through these conferences I developed my skills in assessing and utilising different assistive technologies
  • Self Regulation Unpacked with Dr. Cathy Love – this workshop helped develop my skills in emotional and body regulation therapy with children

Training I have delivered:

  • Sensory Processing in Children with Down Syndrome at the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Conference in 2016
  • Fine Motor Skill Acquisition in Children with Down Syndrome at the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Conference in 2016
  • Use of Music Therapy and Motor Planning Strategies to Develop Drawing Skills in Early Years Classes in a Special School at the TADS (Education Queensland Therapies Conference) in 2011
  • Proprioception: Not Just Another Heavy Work Activity at Therapy, Nursing and Teaching Conference in 2016
  • Use of the ALERT Program in schools
  • Fine Motor Development in Early Childhood Development Centres
  • Positioning for Learning in Early Childhood Development Centres
  • Use of Clicker 6 (computer based) and the Clicker Suite (iPad based) in schools
  • Preparing for Prep at Cooee Speech Pathology in 2017

Why I love my job: As an occupational therapist I get to help children and families achieve what they want to achieve. I love working alongside families to develop goals and strategies to enable their children to access their everyday occupations like being a learner, player, sibling and friend. I love being the lady that does fun games and activities!

Favourite toys to use in therapy: Angry Birds, Guess Who and Blocks