Hanna Corfield

Hanna is a passionate Occupational Therapist with a background in Education and Mental Health services. Hanna has extensive experience supporting families and clients throughout their journeys towards functional participation across their environments. Hanna is also a qualified Play Therapist which provides further depth to her clinical knowledge and experiences that she shares with her clients, families and the Cooee team. Her passion and dedication for the profession supports her work as a Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Lead at Cooee. 

What extra training have you attended?

  • DIR Floortime 101 – this is useful for early engagement with children who aren’t developing interpersonal skills early on, I also use it for social engagement in the older children between 5 and 8.
  • Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance (CO-OP) – used for helping children with motor planning difficulties and problem solving e.g. tying shoe laces, handwriting, riding a bike, mealtime tasks and more
  • Learn to Play with Dr. Karen Stagnitti – assessment and intervention of play in children
  • Secret Agent Society Facilitator Training – this is a social skills program designed for children on the Autism Spectrum ages 7+
  • Anxiety, Resilience, Stress with Dr. Chris Chapparo – this workshop taught me to use my skills as an OT to help children use different techniques and strategies to manage their body when they start to become stressed or anxious.
  • SleepAbility with Annie O’Connell – assessing sleep and rest and providing intervention
  • Spectronics Assistive Technology Conference in 2011 and 2015 – through these conferences I developed my skills in assessing and utilising different assistive technologies
  • Self Regulation Unpacked with Dr. Cathy Love – this workshop helped develop my skills in emotional and body regulation therapy with children
  • Working With Children Who Have Oppositional and Defiant Presentation with Raeleigh Bryant
  • Executive Function in Students with Learning Difficulties
  • Play Therapy – this therapy is a collaborative approach with families and children to allow the child to explore their experiences through play in a safe space to develop positive coping strategies and their self image.
  • Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration through CLASI
  • Neuro-Lingistic Programming Practitioner Training – The Coaching Room

What extra training have you delivered?

  • Sensory Processing in Children with Down Syndrome at the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Conference in 2016
  • Fine Motor Skill Acquisition in Children with Down Syndrome at the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Conference in 2016
  • Use of Music Therapy and Motor Planning Strategies to Develop Drawing Skills in Early Years Classes in a Special School at the TADS (Education Queensland Therapies Conference) in 2011
  • Proprioception: Not Just Another Heavy Work Activity at Therapy, Nursing and Teaching Conference in 2016
  • Sensory Approaches and Trauma: How this looks in schools
  • Use of the ALERT Program in schools
  • Fine Motor Development in Early Childhood Development Centres
  • Positioning for Learning in Early Childhood Development Centres
  • Use of Clicker 6 (computer based) and the Clicker Suite (iPad based) in schools
  • Preparing for Prep at Cooee Speech Pathology

She is also an active member and admin of the Australian Paediatric Occupational Therapists facebook page, supporting Occupational Therapists in Queensland and beyond. Hanna has presented and provided support to parents, schools, kindys and health professionals across her career. 

What Hanna says about working at Cooee

I became an OT to help children engage in activities and occupations that are meaningful to them. At Cooee I have had the opportunity to build the OT role from the ground up and create a pathway that is meaningful to me and my family. At Cooee, I feel like the team celebrates small wins everyday that lead to great change over time, this makes for a brilliant community to be a part of.