Helena Manicaros

Name: Helena Manicaros

Occupational Therapist

Where did you study?

Bachelor of Health Sciences at The University of Queensland
Master of Occupational Therapy Studies at The University of Queensland

Why did you get into paediatric occupational therapy?

I chose paediatric OT because I want to make a difference to the lives of kids and their families. I love thinking creatively and being able to work with the whole family on their therapeutic journey while also helping children to develop confidence within themselves to reach their full potential. As an OT, I help children to reach their goals through really fun games and activities!

Why do you love your job?

I love my job because I get the opportunity to support and work collaboratively alongside families throughout the whole therapy process, and seeing children develop and achieve their goals. I also get the opportunity to think creatively and deliver therapy that is really fun and engaging!

Favourite toys to use in therapy?

Playdoh and bubbles!

What extra training have you completed?

  • Greenspan DIR Online Training which helps to support children develop their communication and early social skills.
  • Workshop: Sensory Processing Disorders and Regulation  –  provided knowledge and strategies around a child’s sensory needs and how it can influence their behaviour, attention, motor planning and functional skills.
  • Zones Of Regulation workshop
  • Learn To Play Assessment workshop
  • Learn To Play Intervention workshop
  • Interoception training
  • Occupational Performance Coaching training
  • Talking Toileting workshop