Robbie Corgat

Robbie is fun and full of energy. She brings a bright smile and ready laugh with her wherever she goes. She is a passionate Speech Pathologist who loves to work with families to help achieve their goals, and is always seeking to learn and grow in her skills. Robbie particularly enjoys working with language and communication skills in ways that are meaningful and motivating. Robbie is a socialite and loves to spend as much time with her friends as she can, and when she isn’t at work she is most probably practicing her pliers or tourners at the ballet barre.


Robbie has training in:

  • The Ultimate Play Based Therapy Course (for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children) (2021)
  • DIR Floortime Online Training (2021)
  • Key Word Sign Workshop (2018)
  • Natural Language Acquisition Framework (in progress 2022)
  • The Lidcombe Stuttering Program (2022)
  • Hanen More Than Words (2023)

What Robbie says about working at Cooee

I am so grateful for the holistic support I have and continue to receive being a part of the Cooee team. I am excited to come to work everyday and feel fortunate to work in a team who are passionate about understanding and working collaboratively with our clients along their therapy journey. Being a part of the Cooee team since 2021 has provided me with ample opportunities to be a lifelong learner and develop not only my clinical skills, but my sense of self as a clinician as well.