Thida Hantun

Name: Thida Hantun

Speech Pathologist


Where did you study?

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons) at the University of Queensland

Why did you go into paediatric speech pathology?

Going into the Speech Pathology degree, I thought I wanted to go into adults. However, upon completing my first paediatrics placement I immediately switched because I was fascinated by the variation in profiles between all the kids, and I loved being able to collaborate with parents to find approaches that worked best for them. I also loved hearing the exciting stories children told from their weekends!


Why do you love your job?

I love my job because I love being able to work collaboratively with families to help them identify what is important for their child, and work with them to reach these goals. I love fostering confidence in the children I work with so they are able to freely express themselves and engage with their environment.


Favourite toy to use in therapy: Rocket Shooters and bubbles!!


What additional training have you completed?

  • Lady Cilento Paediatric Feeding Workshop (2018)
  • Lidcombe Program training (2017)
  • DIR & DIRFloortime Online Training and 101 workshop (2018 & 2019)
  • Tony Atwood & Michelle Garnett Challenging Behaviours in Classic Autism (2019)
  • Bernadette Feeney Supporting Social Communication Development through Relationships (2019)
  • Queensland Language Disorder & Written Language Difficulties (2018)
  • QLD Update on Developmental Language Disorder (2020)
  • LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) AAC (2018)


What training have you delivered?

  • Bilingualism Parent Workshop
  • Challenging Behaviours in Classic Autism CPD
  • Get Set for Prep – Prep Readiness Parent Workshop