Thida Hantun

Name: Thida Hantun

           Speech Pathologist


About Me: I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours). I am a very active person who loves animals and spending time outdoors.


Additional Training: I have attended training for the Lidcombe Stuttering Program, which is the ‘gold standard’ for fluency (stuttering) intervention. I have also completed the Greenspan DIR Floortime Online Training, which develops communication and early social skills in children with developmental delays; and have attended the QLD Language Disorder and Written Language Difficulties workshop, which has helped me learn effective strategies to support reading comprehension and written expression for children in upper primary and secondary school. I am also a member of Speech Pathology Australia, which allows me to access the latest information and research on therapy approaches.


Why I love my job: I was first inspired to become a speech pathologist in high school, when I became close friends with a new student who struggled with severe dyslexia. Because he hadn’t received early support for this, he felt the options for his future were limited and he lacked confidence in himself, despite being incredibly bright. Knowing that he and many other children felt this way was really heartbreaking, and thus I found my love for speech pathology through being able to work with wonderful children and their families to help them feel confident and overcome any challenges they face, so they can achieve their goals. This is made so much more rewarding by working at Cooee as it allows me to really get to know each individual family and build a relationship throughout the therapy journey.


Favourite toy to use in therapy: Rocket Shooters and bubbles!!