Clinical Support at Cooee

Our Brisbane North Clinical Lead Speech Pathologists, Emma and Libby and Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist, Hanna will be talking about what clinical support looks like at Cooee this week. 


At Cooee we value clinical excellence and support.

We know that clinical excellence is a blend of many different skills and types of knowledge. Not only ensuring evidence based practice through developing an individual’s clinical skills, but providing support in terms of professional and personal development as well.

As a clinical leadership team, we believe that developing clinical excellence provides our families with high quality and adaptive intervention services. 


Our clinical lead team provides weekly or fortnightly supervision to our therapists, as appropriate for years of experience. During supervision, we not only answer clinical questions, but we support our therapists to first seek the knowledge from team resources such as our g-drive, google classroom and other resources and opportunities for support.


Opportunities for support:

At Cooee, we believe in supporting our clinicians and wider team to access ‘in house’ services that aim to develop clinical excellence. These include:

  • Supervision – weekly or fortnightly with a clinical supervisor
  • Monthly in house Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – developed in house around team requests or where we seek external providers to come and provide our team with information/skills
  • Monthly Focus Groups – peer to peer structured clinical case discussions
  • Team Development – working and developing personal and professional skills to support Cooee’s core values 
  • Personal Development – Professional Development Coaching with our Director Marion
  • Dashboarding session – to understand numbers and utilisation and how we as a team contribute towards our business goals
  • Personal CPD budget – we aim to leverage our provided CPD budgets for each individual clinician to maximise their CPD opportunities in line with their caseload and clinical pathways.

Grow clinical skills

A passion of the clinical lead team is growing the clinical skills through upskilling and passing on knowledge in team CPD’s and focus groups. We seek feedback from our team around areas of strengths and challenges; which then leads into our planning and development of in house CPD. This allows for us to reach out to our community if needed to provide information and skills that the team can utilise in order to provide the best intervention and practice at Cooee. 

Develop professional skills

Alongside clinical skills, we prioritise developing professional skills such as clear communication with our clients, referrers and amongst the team; organisation; setting up for a successful shift; prioritisation; respecting boundaries and self leadership. A Cooee Core Value is around seeking information, clarifying information and providing feedback and information in clean and timely ways. We seek to develop these skills in ourselves and the team in order to provide clear, cohesive services as well as inviting dialogue between our families, stakeholders and clinicians.


Develop online problem solving for responsive service delivery

As we grow and develop as clinicians, caseloads can grow increasingly complex and more diverse as we increase our clinical skills. At Cooee, we aim to support the whole team (including ourselves!) to critically analyse and develop a reflective process that allows for quick and ‘easy’ problem solving in clinical sessions as well as when we are faced with challenges. Having clear guidelines and service delivery models, as well as upskilling ourselves and the team around service delivery and critical thinking skills allows for overall growth and development. 


Enhance clinical reasoning skills

A key part of clinical excellence is developing critical thinking, problem solving, clinical reasoning and self-reflective skills. Our supervision sessions, CPD and focus groups aim to develop, enhance and highlight clinical reasoning skills. It is the ability to integrate and apply different types of knowledge, weigh evidence critically and reflect upon the process used to arrive at  a clinical hypothesis, diagnosis or the ability to develop a comprehensive intervention plan. Utilising the provided support at Cooee, including Professional Developmental coaching, and check ins with the Practice Manager allows clinicians to develop prioritisation simultaneously with more specific clinical skills. 


At Cooee, overarching all of our support and development of clinicians is to provide a supportive and growth mindset clinic.

We provide in clinic and out of clinic supports for our clinical community and aim to grow and develop ourselves and our team and community to provide excellent, holistic, evidence based intervention services. 


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