Connecting the Clinical Community

The Cooee Collaborative is an offer for any clinician, from any location near or far, to connect, share & grow with like-minded therapists, across all areas of allied health.

The Cooee Collaborative is an ever evolving & growing space, and is a co-creation of all that are involved.  Each individual contributes to and benefits from this community & the connections involved.

Next Webinar – 

June 2022: Collaborative Practice Essentials | Working in a Multidisciplinary Team – How to connect, collaborate and nurture professional relationships.  (free, 45 min)




We are committed to supporting each other in: 

Accelerating Personal Development

Developing Professional Capacity

Honing Clinical Excellence

We do this by:

  • Regular Webinars (see below to access past recordings!)
  • Complimentary One Off Mentoring Sessions with a Clinical Leader
  • An offer of Workplace Shadowing – we have an open-door policy
  • Paid Clinical Supervision (fee involved)
  • One on One Leadership Coaching (fee involved)
  • A monthly newsletter

Join our monthly Cooee Collaborative Mailing List on the right to receive a regular email with information about personal, professional and clinical development, notice of upcoming events & webinars in the Cooee Collaborative Community & inspiration and advice on bringing your whole self to work & thriving, not surviving in the workplace.

Keen to connect?

Coming Up – (email us – make a suggestion for topics!)

July 2022: Managing a growing complex caseload(free, 45 min)

August 2022: Choosing a Private Practice Role(free, 45 min)

September 2022: Boundaries & Burnout | 4 Part Series (fee involved)

October 2022:  Self Organisation Strategies | Move beyond a to-do list and navigate procrastination. (free, 45 min)

November 2022: Getting Private Practice Ready (a 4 part series for New Graduates Entering Private Practice) (fee involved)


Access Past Webinars


Clinical Excellence | Beyond Perfectionism to Purpose Driven Practice.  10th. May 2022.   Presented by Marion Giddy & Libby Hall

Developing your OT Career in a Multidisciplinary Practice – Feb 3, 2022.  Presented by Hanna Corfield & Marion Giddy.

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Finding your Voice in Private Practice – Mar 16, 2022.  Presented by Libby Hall & Marion Giddy.

Keen to connect?