Sharlet Edwards

About Sharlet

Speech Pathologist


I view my job as a blessing because I get to do something I love!

My areas of interest include working with complex clients who have complex needs. These needs include multimodal communication, stuttering, apraxia of speech, social communication and developmental language disorders.

I love working with families and other members of the team because it helps achieve functional outcomes via collaboration. 

Sharlet is trained in:

  • DIR Floortime
  • Sounds Write
  • Key Word Sign

What Sharlet says about working at Cooee:

I love the supportive environment at Cooee because it helps me provide holistic care to our families. Cooee has helped and continues to help me grow on both the professional and personal front. Professionally, I have access to the best multidisciplinary team which helps me provide high-quality services. The team also welcomes my culturally diverse input, in keeping with family-centered practice protocols. With their help, I have nurtured positive relationships with parents and caregivers to achieve positive outcomes for their children. On the personal front, the Cooee team is sensitive, culturally inclusive and caring, which motivates me, in return, to deliver my best.