Bre Surawski

Name: Bre Surawski

Occupational Therapist

Where did you study?

I completed a bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the Australian Catholic University

Why did you get into paediatric occupational therapy?

I have always had a passion to help people reach their full potential and a drive to support families meet their goals. Growing up I had family experience with allied health services and particularly fell in love with OT. Having a younger brother with special needs has taught me so much about the importance of family and family centred care. I attribute a huge part of my choice in career to growing up with my brother.

Why do you love your job?

I am so lucky to be able to work in such a supportive and close knit team who collectively share the same passion supporting children and families. I love being a small part in what is such an important journey for a child’s development. I have had many wonderful opportunities to work closely with our speech pathologists with joint intervention sessions and collaborate with our broader local community and care team to achieve the best outcomes for our individual children and families. I particularly love working with early play development, social skills, sensory processing, handwriting and activities of daily living!

Favourite toy to use in therapy?

Trampoline, stacking cups, playdoh, peanut ball and imaginative play toys (dolls, kitchens, cars)

Additional training you have attended?

  • Learn to Play therapy course¬† – focusing on supporting children in their play skills.
  • DIR training and the face-to-face DIR training program. This course focused on the functional emotional developmental levels and how to support a child’s development through building relationships with adults and caregivers.
  • ¬†Imagine, Create, Belong course which is an intervention protocol for upper primary and adolescent children who have difficulties with social skills and participation.

What additional training have you delivered?

At Cooee, I have had the privilege to deliver multiple parent workshops on a range of topics including prep readiness skills, fine motor development and attention and regulation. I have also delivered parent and caregiver education workshops at local kindergartens and to primary school teachers.